ESV On-line Services
Online Services is unavailable for RECs, LEWs and ICs from 8 November 2019, only Licensed Electrical Inspectors and Agents have access to Online Services

ESVConnect for licensing, registration and Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) was launched in July 2019 as a replacement system for Online Services.

Industry was advised that Online Services would remain accessible for a limited time so certificates yet to be completed could be finalised and distributed to customers. This accessibility period has now concluded.

After 8 November 2019:
 • Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs), Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) and Inspection Companies     (ICs) are no longer have access to Online Services.
 • ESV will not amend, alter or make any requested changes to eCOES completed and certified
    in Online Services

Licensed Electrical Inspectors:
 • LEI to accept/decline inspection requests for eCOES and complete COES after inspection.
 • LEI to lodge Paper COES on behalf of REC’s and complete Paper COES lodgement after inspection

 • Full access available.

All functions previously available through online services are now supported by ESVConnect.

If you have not upgraded to ESVConnect, or know someone yet to upgrade, please do so immediately to take advantage of ESVConnect's features. Click HERE to upgrade or login to ESVConnect.

Paper COES
Paper COES including the IVR system will remain available for use until further enhancements are completed in ESVConnect.
Paper COES can be purchased from Agents and Energy Safe Victoria. Lodgement of Paper COES can only be completed through the IVR system on 1300 360 366. Further information on Paper COES can be found here.